Friday, January 06, 2012

Ultimate Stopwatch & Timer finally updated!

Finally after almost a year of good intent, the updated version of Ultimate Stopwatch & Timer for Android has just gone live, v5.0.0. It'll be making its way through the interweb caches to an Android Market near you soon.

Thank you so much +Marie Schweiz ( for your awesome designs!

- New clean design
- Action Bar on all versions (using ActionBarCompat)
- Touch feedback on all elements
- Light face for stopwatch, Dark face for countdown
- Lap Times separated out
- Built for Android 4.0 with support for versions 2.0+
- Portrait / Landscape layouts for all sceen sizes including QVGA and Tablets

Big fixes:
- Sporadic countdown alarm notifications fixed
- Galaxy Tab time appearance fixed
- QVGA layouts fixed
- Other minor issues resolved

Source available at
Comments and questions to the post on Google+ please so I can respond